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Fargo Truck History

In the early twenties Dodge Brothers created a division to market FARGO. Chrysler also created a market for Fargo through a Company called Fargo Motor Corporation . The truck was built by Dodge Brothers.

After the purchase of Dodge Brothers by Chrysler in 1928 over a period of three years Chrysler merged the Fargo into the Fargo Motor Division.

Chrysler found itself  with two competing truck lines. Dodge had established an excellent reputation. Fargo couldn’t compete so production for the U.S. market ended in 1930. Fargo then became the truck for export around the world.

As a change from the original Fargo style after 1933 Chrysler simply rebadged Dodge to Fargo with slightly different front sheet metal, nameplate, hubcaps and a distinctive globe hood ornament. 

In 1935 the name Fargo was given to Chrysler Canada (Windsor Ontario) Fargo trucks sold by Chrysler-Plymouth dealers and Dodge trucks sold by De Soto-Dodge dealers.

The Fargo nameplate was discontinued in Canada in 1972, although it carried on in various parts of the world.

NOTE: Chrysler in the U.S. also built a Plymouth truck from 1937 to 1941. Also Dodge built trucks that carried the De Soto name in Countries other than the U.S. and Canada.